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2023 Ultimate Guide to Taiwanese Dining in Vancouver

As the moon festival approaches, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore the rich culinary tapestry of the Taiwanese cuisine in Vancouver.

For our dear guest, we’ve curated a list of popular and hidden Taiwanese restaurants in Vancouver and nearby —from comforting bowls of beef noodle soup to delectable desserts and modern hot pot experiences.

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Whether you’re yearning for traditional Moon Festival flavors or simply looking for a culinary adventure, these establishments offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Festive and Authentic (As listed in TripAdvisor)

RedBeef Noodle Kitchen

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Photo by RedBeef Noodle Kitchen (via TripAdvisor)

Location: 1947 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

RedBeef Noodle Kitchen stands out for its variety of Taiwanese beef noodle soups. Located in Vancouver city, it’s an ideal stop for anyone who enjoys a hearty bowl of noodles, especially during fall and winter. What sets the restaurant apart is its meticulous attention to detail in crafting their signature Taiwanese beef noodle soups. The restaurant features a modern interior, providing a comfortable space to relish your meal.

Corner 23

Photo by Corner 23 (via TripAdvisor)

Location: 4008 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2X8

For those living in Vancouver’s West Side, Corner 23 is the nearest option. Located in Cambie Village, Corner 23 is renowned for its Taiwanese-style bubble waffles and an extensive menu of traditional Taiwanese dishes.


Photo by Meetfresh (via TripAdvisor)

Location: 1232 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C1

Meetfresh is where dessert dreams come alive. The restaurant is a perfect venue for a casual dessert dates. It is Vancouver’s authentic Taiwanese desserts haven offering sweets like taro balls and herbal jelly. What makes it unique is its focus on both traditional and innovative desserts that provide a sweet journey through Taiwanese culture.

Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House

Photo by Wang’s Noodle House (via TripAdvisor)

Location: 8390 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4Z7

At Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House, you can expect traditional flavors and hearty meals. The restaurant specializes in Taiwanese beef noodle soup just like RedBeef, but with a more traditional and authentic tastes – combined with a “Taiwan-feel” and homey atmoshphere.

Tai One (By Bubbleworld)

Photo by Tai One (via TripAdvisor)

Location: 1947 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7

Part of the Bubbleworld chain, Tai One elevates the experience by offering a broader range of classic Taiwanese dishes, often presented with a modern twist. What makes Tai One unique is it extends beyond just bubble tea – it includes a variety of soups, noodles, and other authentic Taiwanese delights. The dual identity makes the restaurant a destination for refreshments and indulging meals.

Taiwanese Restaurants & Takeaways Near Panda Pod

If you are hungry and want to eat inside Panda Pod, or looking for a nearby Taiwanese restaurant, the options below are great for the late night cravings.

Memory & Sweet Corner

Photo by Yelp

Location (Memory Corner): 4651 Garden City Rd #1110, Richmond, BC V6X 2K4

Location (Sweet Corner): 8080 Leslie Rd #130, Richmond, BC V6X 4A8

Memory Corner is a Richmond-based gem that serves traditional Taiwanese dishes. The restaurant is famous for their “Taiwanese Hot Pot,” a winter favorite among locals. It’s dessert counterpart Sweet Memory – serves traditional Taiwanese desserts offering a wide range of treats from fluffy buns to intricate cakes, often with a contemporary flair.

Joys Taiwanese Food

Photo by Joys Taiwanese Food (via Yelp)

Location: 4380 No 3 Road Richmond, BC V6X 2C3

Looking for a Taiwanese comfort food nearby? Joy’s Taiwanese Kitchen is a great choice for those who are craving. Located in a food court, it offers flavorful dishes such as braised pork rice and Taiwanese sausage. What sets Joy’s Taiwanese Kitchen apart is its commitment to traditional Taiwanese home cooking.

Uno Beef Noodle

Photo by Uno Beef Noodle (via Yelp)

Location: 135 – 2811 Number 3 Road Richmond, BC V6X 2B2

Uno Beef Noodle stands out for its dedication to perfecting a single dish: beef noodle soup. – crafting the dish using a traditional recipe refined over the years. The laid-back ambiance makes it an ideal spot for a relaxed meal, whether you’re grabbing lunch or settling in for dinner.

Pearl Castle Café

Photo by Pearl Castle Café (via Yelp)

Location: 3779 Sexsmith Road Suite 1128 Richmond, BC V6X 3Z9

Pearl Castle Café is a favorite among Richmond locals for its bubble tea and expansive menu of 100 dishes. It offers a diverse selection of Taiwanese staples such as noodle soups and popcorn chicken. What makes the restaurant popular is their bubble tea that features unique flavors like taro and lychee.

Boiling Point

Photo by Boiling Point (via Yelp)

Location: 4800 No 3 Road Suite 130 Richmond, BC V6X 3A6

Craving for a Taiwanese hot pot? The Boiling Point is the place to be. The restaurant offers the Taiwanese hot pot experience with its customizable options, a variety of broth and ingredient choices. The quality of the ingredients are served fresh with a variety of broths making Boiling Point a popular choice for most Vancouverites.

Our recommended highlights some of the well-regarded and popular Taiwanese restaurants in Vancouver and Richmond. From traditional to modern, the wide range of Taiwanese dishes available ensures that both our guest and locals can enjoy a wide range of mouth-watering options that celebrate the essence of Taiwanese cuisine.

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