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Welcome to Panda Pod Hotel, the premier capsule hotel in Richmond, BC, Canada, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury, comfort, and affordability. Panda Pod Hotel was inspired to innovate by making travel accessible to every person. When getting away, the highest cost is accommodation, and we wanted to remove that barrier. Panda Pod Hotel gives a high-value customer experience for a low price. Hotels are seriously expensive, motels can be a hit or miss, and the others? They just don't measure up.



At Panda Pod Hotel, we're not just another hotel in Richmond; we're a revolution in affordable luxury lodging. Founded with the vision to disrupt the traditional hotel industry, we've become the leading capsule hotel in Richmond, BC, Canada. Our journey began with a simple idea: to provide high-value customer experiences without the high costs usually associated with comfortable stays.

Panda Pod Hotel provides professionalism, comfort and the hygiene of a luxury hotel without the the astronomical price tag. We are a proudly Canadian woman-owned business with an innovative approach to addressing a niche market. Our hotel has consistently been #1 on the specialty lodgings category on TripAdvisor.



Who doesn’t love buzz? Thankfully, we’ve gotten plenty. Yes, it might be considered a classic humble brag, but we are okay with being the only capsule hotel in Vancouver. Check out what the media is saying about us. Spoiler alert. It’s really good.