BC Ferries increasing prices

BC Ferries Increasing Prices Tomorrow


Navigating through the calm waters of BC’s ferry routes is about to get a price tweak that every traveler should be aware of. Starting this April, BC Ferries is implementing a change that hits both your wallet and their booking system. Don’t worry; it’s not all waves and high tides as this move aims to streamline travel, reduce congestion, and yes, even save certain travelers some money. Let’s dive into the details and understand what the upcoming BC Ferries price increase and the expansion of the Saver Fares program mean for your next journey across the serene British Columbian waters.

Details of the Fare Increase

Percentage Increase Across the Board

Starting April 1, BC Ferries will implement a fare increase of approximately 3.2% across all routes. This is a move that they believe is necessary to continue providing their services without compromising on quality. It’s essential for travelers to be aware that regardless of the destination or the type of ticket (whether for vehicles or passengers), the price will see a modest rise. This consistent percentage increase ensures that there are no surprises for passengers choosing different routes or services, making budgeting for travel expenses more predictable.

Specific Price Changes for Routes and Passengers

For those who frequently travel on the Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen route, an adult fare will see a 55-cent increase. If you’re driving and paying at the terminal for any of the Metro Vancouver to Vancouver Island routes, prepare to shell out an additional $4.10. These specific price adjustments highlight the changes most passengers and drivers will encounter during their ferry travels. It is a clear indication of how the fare increase translates into real-world costs for individual travelers and families alike planning their journeys across these popular routes.

Expansion of the Saver Fares Program

Doubling the Number of Discounted Sailings

In a bid to make travel more affordable for more passengers, BC Ferries is set to double the number of sailings available at a discounted rate through its Saver fares program starting in April. This expansion means a significant increase in the number of passengers who can benefit from lower fares by choosing less busy sailings. It’s an exciting development for regular and occasional travelers alike, offering more opportunities to save on travel costs while potentially enjoying a less crowded ferry experience.

New Savings for Specific Traveler Groups

BC Ferries is introducing new discounts that cater to various groups of travelers. One notable addition is the new “Saver fare” for walk-on passengers, which allows them to book select sailings at $15, a reduction from the usual $19.10, provided they book and pay in advance. This new rate, coupled with the inclusion of overheight vehicles in the Saver fare bookings, demonstrates BC Ferries’ commitment to accommodating a diverse range of travelers and their different needs, making ferry travel more accessible and affordable.

Reduced Cancellation Fees

To further encourage passengers to book in advance, BC Ferries is reducing the cancellation fee for prepaid fares from $15 to $5. This significant reduction is aimed at offering more flexibility and peace of mind for travelers. It acknowledges that plans can change and provides a more affordable way out for those who need to cancel their bookings. This adjustment in cancellation fees is a part of the broader strategy to promote advanced bookings, thus reducing congestion during peak times and enhancing the overall travel experience for everyone.

In conclusion, the fare increase and the expansion of the Saver fares program by BC Ferries come with a mixed bag of changes. While travelers will need to adjust to the slight fare increases, the enhanced Saver fares program, with its additional sailings, new savings for specific groups, and reduced cancellation fees, presents new opportunities for savings and convenience. These changes underscore BC Ferries’ efforts to balance operational costs with attractive offers for passengers, aiming for a smoother, more affordable ferry travel experience.

Benefits and Goals of the Changes

BC Ferries’ latest fare adjustments and program expansions aim to streamline ferry travel while ensuring financial sustainability for the corporation. These changes are devised with specific objectives in mind, tailoring towards both efficient operation and customer satisfaction.

Encouraging Off-Peak Travel

One of the primary goals behind expanding the Saver fares program and adjusting fare structures is to nudge travelers towards off-peak sailings. By offering significantly reduced prices for less busy sailings—such as early morning or late evening times—BC Ferries strives to distribute passenger load more evenly throughout the day. This strategy benefits travelers financially while helping to manage the ferries’ capacity more effectively.

Easing Congestion and Improving Travel Experience

BC Ferries’ initiatives are also squarely aimed at reducing congestion at terminals and on ships. By doubling the number of Saver fare spots and reducing cancellation fees for prepaid bookings, the company incentivizes advanced reservations. This step not only aids in predicting passenger counts more accurately but also speeds up the check-in process. Consequently, these measures are expected to lead to shorter wait times and a more pleasant travel experience for passengers.

Financial Implications for BC Ferries and Travelers

Financially, the fare increase of 3.2% may seem like a burden at first glance. However, with expanded access to Saver fares and reduced fees for certain cancellations, many travelers will find opportunities to save money, especially those who plan their journeys in advance. For BC Ferries, the adjustments ensure a steadier revenue stream while accommodating operational and maintenance costs, thereby sustaining the quality and reliability of the service.

Public and Official Reactions

The announcement of BC Ferries’ fare adjustments and expanded discount programs has elicited a range of responses from officials, the general public, and social media users.

Comments from BC Ferries Executives

BC Ferries’ leadership, including President and CEO Nicolas Jimenez and Executive Director of Communications Jeff Groot, has emphasized the dual benefits of the new pricing strategy: improving customer experience and managing congestion more effectively. They underscore the importance of incentivizing off-peak travel and streamlining the boarding process as key to achieving these goals.

Feedback from the Traveling Public

Passengers have mixed feelings about the changes. While some appreciate the expanded Saver fare availability and the potential for reduced travel costs, others are concerned about the overall fare increase. Travelers who frequently use the ferry services for routine commutes express particular interest in how these changes will impact their travel budgets and schedules.

Overview of Social Media Reactions

Social media platforms have become a hotbed of discussion regarding BC Ferries’ announcement. There’s a noticeable appreciation for the introduction of cheaper fares for walk-on passengers and overheight vehicles. However, there is also significant chatter about the fare increases, with some users anxious about the financial implications. Amidst these discussions, the efforts to encourage eco-friendly practices by providing incentives for carpooling and utilizing alternative transportation methods have been commended by environmental advocates.

In conclusion, while BC Ferries’ new fare structures and the expansion of the Saver fares program aim to balance financial sustainability with improved customer experience, public reactions are varied. While some travelers welcome the potential for cost savings and reduced congestion, concerns about the initial fare increase persist. As these changes roll out, the long-term impact on travel patterns and public satisfaction will be key indicators of their success.


As we’ve navigated through the upcoming changes to BC Ferries’ services, including the fare increases set to take effect in April, it’s clear these adjustments come with both pros and cons. However, with strategic planning and utilization of the expanded ‘Saver fares’ program, ferry travelers can still find ways to save money and enjoy more efficient trips.

By booking online and in advance, not only can you lock in those Saver fares for less crowded sailings, but you’ll also benefit from the reduced cancellation fees should your plans change. This proactive approach towards ferry travel not only helps in managing your budget better but also in experiencing smoother journeys.

Moreover, taking advantage of quieter sailings by adjusting travel times can not only save money but also contribute to a more pleasant and less congested trip. Remember, by choosing to travel during less busy times, you’re joining the effort to streamline operations and make ferry travel more enjoyable for everyone.

In summary, despite the fare increases, BC Ferries is providing ample opportunities for savings and improved travel experiences through its enhanced ‘Saver fares’ program and the reductions in cancellation fees. So before your next trip, remember to explore these options – your wallet and your travel stress levels will thank you.

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