The Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain

Experiencing the Magic of the Holidays: The Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain

It’s December! Grouse Mountain prepares itself for its holiday event, The Peak of Christmas. Find out the festivities, attractions, and light shows, a must-see for locals and tourists alike.


What is the affordable way to get there?

Visitors need to take the Sky Ride to ascent to peak. Getting to Grouse Mountain is through Sea Bus from Waterfront Station, and from Lonsdale Quay, you’ll need to take Bus 236 – a direct bus to Grouse.


Pro Tip: Consider purchasing a Compass Card or a day pass for convenience, for more tips visit our Grouse Mountain blog.


What Activities and Events to Expect? 

The mountain will add attractions for Christmas, most notable are The Light Walk, Santa’s Workshop, and the North Pole. The skiing and snowboarding spots are open every December, and expect slopes to be fun and challenging, sometimes unforgiving, but an unforgettable experience.


Families and everyone will also have a chance meeting a real reindeer – Vixen and Dancer and enjoy a buffet breakfast with Santa at the workshop.

The Peak of Christmas is always a festive event and one of Vancouver’s staple Christmas event that can only be experienced from the mountain. The panoramic views of the city will for sure add a magical atmosphere when you visit this event.

Tickets & Passes – How much Does it Cost?

There are a lot of options to get to the Peak of Grouse mountain, you can either get the Winter Season or Annual Pass (which are a bit pricey) but we recommend the regular admission tickets.


Age Category Rates
Adults (ages 19 to 64) $75
Seniors (ages 65+) $65
Youth (13 to 18 years) $55
Children (5 to 12 years) $39
As always, Toddlers 0 – 4 years old are free admission but still require a ticket.

From the Grouse website, they are offering a Family Day ticket rate at The Peak of Christmas. This will be based on visit dates, check it out below:


Visit Dates – FAMILY DAY TICKET RATE (2 Adults, 2 Children) Rates
November 24 – December 8 $89.00
December 9 – December 15 $119
December 16 – December 25 $139

Note: The Family Ticket is only valid for 2 adults and 2 children only.




The Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain is an expected holiday event every December. It’s that time again in Vancouver when the holiday spirit takes place, making it another thing to do for our guests.

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