Global Flavors: Must-try International Restaurants Near Science World

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Science World is one of the famous attractions that you can visit in downtown Vancouver. It’s iconic geodesic dome is very prominent in the Main street – it’s a haven for science enthusiasts, a hub of education, innovation, and inspiration. With interactive exhibits that span topics from physics to paleontology, it’s a place where curiosity is not just welcomed but celebrated.

But what about engaging the palate? As it turns out, Science can make you hungry. Luckily, the attraction is also surrounded with must-try international cuisines. From Japanese to Italian, the dining options are as diverse as the exhibits inside Science World itself. Here’s a guide to some of the must-try international restaurants near Science world that we have gathered from Yelp.

Looking for Asian Restaurants? Wabukuro and Fat Mao


Cuisine: Japanese
Yelp: Wabukuro

Address: 660 Abbott Street Vancouver

Wabukuro looks like a grocery store from a distance but it’s a restaurant. With a minimalist interior that echoes the simplicity of Japanese design, the restaurant focuses on delivering simple go-to Japanese food with generous portions that are budget-friendly. The bento and donburi options are crafted with precision, making it a must-visit for anyone craving true Japanese flavors.

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Fat Mao

Cuisine: Thai
Yelp: Fat Mao

Address: 217 E Georgia Street Vancouver

Fat Mao brings the Bangkok street food culture alive in Vancouver. The Thai restaurant offers a casual setting where diners can enjoy classic Thai dishes like Chiang Mai Curry, Laksa, and Tom Yum. The flavors are bold and the atmosphere is relaxed, making it a perfect spot for hot bowl dishes during fall and winter seasons.

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Craving for Italian Food? Nook, and Gusto A Taste of Italy


Cuisine: Italian
Yelp: Nook

Address: 195 West 2nd Avenue Vancouver

Nook offers a cozy atmosphere that complements its hearty Italian offerings such as the local favorite Mushroom Pizza and Spaghetti Bolognese . From handcrafted pizzas to pasta dishes that taste like they’re straight from Nonna’s kitchen, Nook is a little corner of Italy in Vancouver. The restaurant is perfect for a romantic dinner or a family meal.

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Gusto A Taste of Italy

Cuisine: Italian
Yelp: Gusto A Taste of Italy

Address: 1610 Salt St Vancouver

Gusto A Taste of Italy specializes in regional Italian dishes, offering a culinary tour of Italy in one menu. Known for their gelato and an extensive list of pizza items, it’s a place where diners can experience the diversity of Italian dishes. The ambiance is warm and inviting, making it a great spot for both casual lunches and special occasions.

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Looking for a Latin and Spanish Food? The Darkside, TAKO, and Bodega On Main

The Darkside

Cuisine: Mexican
Yelp: The Darkside

Address: 219 Union Street Vancouver

The Darkside offers a modern twist on traditional Mexican cuisine. The Darkside offers a modern twist on traditional Mexican cuisine. With a vibrant atmosphere and a menu that features inventive takes on classics like tacos and enchiladas, it’s a place where tradition meets innovation. The cocktails are just as creative, making it a popular spot for both dining and drinks.

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Cuisine: Korean-Mexican Fusion
Yelp: TAKO

Address: 601 Expo Boulevard Vancouver

TAKO is where Korean flavors meet Mexican flair. The restaurant offers a unique fusion experience, with dishes like Kimchi Quesadilla stealing the show. It’s a culinary adventure that’s as exciting as it is delicious.

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Bodega On Main

Cuisine: Spanish
Yelp: Bodega On Main

Address: 1014 Main Street Vancouver

Bodega On Main is a tribute to Spanish cuisine. With a lively atmosphere and a menu filled with tapas and Churros, it’s a place that captures the essence of Spain and the paella dishes are what they’re known for. Whether you’re there for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the restaurant offers a truly Spanish dining experience.

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Looking for Southeast Asian Flavors? Torafuku and Phnom Penh


Cuisine: Pan-Asian
Yelp: Torafuku

Address: 958 Main Street Vancouver

Torafuku is a melting pot of Asian flavors. The restaurant offers a Pan-Asian experience, blending elements from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines. With a modern interior and a menu that encourages sharing, it’s a place to explore and celebrate the diversity of Asian cooking.

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Phnom Penh

Cuisine: Cambodian
Yelp: Phnom Penh

Address: 244 E Georgia Street Vancouver

Phnom Penh offers a culinary journey to Cambodia. Known for its unique blend of flavors, the restaurant features dishes that are both sweet and spicy, tangy and savory. It’s a hidden gem that offers a different take on Southeast Asian cuisine.

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Science World is not just a destination for the mind; it’s also a feast for the palate. Next time you’re planning a trip to Vancouver, make sure to explore our blog and check our travel guides, dining, and lifestyle articles. Bon appétit!

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