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Navigating Downtown Vancouver: Ultimate Cheapest Parking Guide

Let’s face it, the views are great but the parking is a bit too much in Vancouver. Whether you’re a local or a tourist looking to cut costs from something boring like a parking spot, this article can help you find the cheapest parking spots in downtown and nearby neighbourhoods.

But don’t let the thought of expensive parking dampen your mood to tour the city. Let’s break it down by neighborhood and a range of prices.


Gastown Cheapest Parking Spots


Best spot(s): Abbot St, near Cordova Street, you can find the cheapest spots – it’s a hidden gem for Gastown Goers. The parking range is $3 – $14, you can snag an early bird spot if you slide in before 9 AM, and this rate will keep until 6 PM.

The cheapest spot in this area is at the Paris Square for only $3 per hour if you be there early.


Yaletown Cheapest Parking Spots


Best spot(s): parking spots near David Lam park and Cambie St. Parking here ranges around $4 – $13 CAD. The cheapest ones at Expo and Pacific Blvd for a flat rate of $4, and you’re set for the day.

It’s a bit fir if you are working in the city but if you’re tourist wanted to hang out in seaside of David Lam park then this a sweet spot, where the eateries and shops await.


West End Cheapest Parking Spots


Best spot(s): The West End’s calm residential vibes extend to its parking rates, especially if you’re willing to explore a bit near Robson St. A little-known lot on 1164 Rosemary Brown Ln offers a flat at $4 per hour.

It’s perfect for Stanley Park and Coal Harbour explorers. For English bay explorers See-em-ia Ln that also starts at $4 per hour.


Coal Harbour Cheapest Parking Spots


Best spot(s): Lot’s near Jervis St offer the cheapest rates that starts at $7 – $11 per hour. Unfortunately, the cheapest one is near the Coal Harbour Community Centre, which is the only in the area, also in Jervis St.

Coal Harbour area boasts it’s a multi-level parking facility that offers a daily rate of $15. Swing by after 6 PM, and you’ll enjoy a reduced rate of $7, perfect for an evening stroll along the marina.


Chinatown Cheapest Parking Spots


Best spot(s): The most accessible spots are the ones near Keefer and Abbot, but we recommend the parking spots near Gastown (Abbot St.) since these places are close to each other. The cheapest spot is at Paris Square for only $3 – 4 per hour.


Granville Cheapest Parking Spots



Best spot(s): Probably the most busiest location in the city, in Seymour st, there’s a lot cheap rates that ranges to $7 – $16 per hour.

This spot is perfect for those attending late shows at the Arts Club or catching an improv performance.


Tips for the Cost-Conscious Parker

      • Look Up: Many downtown buildings offer parking that’s cheaper than street-level lots.

      • Go Digital: Apps like Bestparking can help you compare prices in real time.

      • Stay Informed: Rates can change, especially during events. Check signage and online resources before you go.


    Why We Care


    We hope this guide, parking on downtown Vancouver will be stress free without thinking where to park next. Remember, the best parking spot may sometimes be crowded and you’ll be forced to find the next one that will be far away.


    Please note: Rates can easily change and prices in the locations mentioned are hypothetical and should be verified for accuracy. It’s always best to install a parking app like what we’ve suggested in this article.

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