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Granville Island Vancouver: Our Panda Pod Guide

Located in False Creek, Granville Island is more than just an island—it’s an experience. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, art lover, or simply looking for a day of leisure, there’s something for everyone. 

To our hotel guests, we invite you to explore the myriad of wonders at Granville Island.

How to Get There



The journey to Granville Island is as picturesque as the destination itself. Located just a stone’s throw away from downtown Vancouver, you can reach the island via bus, car, bike, or even on foot. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider taking a mini ferry for a scenic route across the waters.


Granville Island Public Market


The Heart of the Island, your senses will be greeted by the bustling ambiance of the Granville Island Public Market on Johnston Street. Open for most days (remember to check Market hours just in case), it’s where local artisans, farmers, and bakers converge to showcase their finest products. Dive deep into the public market Granville Island offers, and you’ll find everything from fresh produce to handcrafted jewelry.


Lee’s Donuts

Lees Donuts by Yelp


A staple of Granville Island Public Market for decades, Lee’s Donuts is a must-visit. These aren’t just any donuts; they’re melt-in-your-mouth delicacies. The Honey Dip donut, in particular, has achieved almost legendary status among locals and visitors alike.


Read Victoria E.‘s review of Lee’s Donuts on Yelp


Oyama Sausage Co
Photo by: Flickr / Renée Suen


A family-owned charcuterie, Oyama offers a delightful range of sausages, pâtés, and cured meats. Drawing from European traditions, their selection encompasses everything from French duck pâté to Spanish chorizo.


Granville Island Tea Company
Photo by: Flickr / kslee


This store is a sanctuary for tea enthusiasts. They offer a diverse range of teas, from classic Earl Grey to exotic blends like Genmaicha. The aroma alone is worth the visit!


The Nut Merchant
Photo by: Flickr / Nghi Le


A treasure trove for those who appreciate quality nuts and unique flavor combinations. Their selection includes everything from classic roasted almonds to intriguing flavors like lavender honey cashews.


Stuart’s Bakery
Photo by: Flickr / A. Wee


A haven for sweet-toothed visitors, Stuart’s Bakery boasts a dizzying array of pastries, cakes, and bread. Whether you’re after a tangy lemon tart or a hearty loaf of multigrain bread, they’ve got you covered.


Zara’s Deli
Photo by: Flickr / KidItamae


Specializing in Mediterranean foods, Zara’s offers an array of olives, cheeses, and freshly made pasta. The aroma of their sauces and the vibrant colors of their spreads are enough to make mouths water.


Terra Breads
Photo by: Flickr / Terra Breads


A modern bakery with a focus on organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Their pastries, especially the fruit and nut-studded ones, are much-loved, as is their aromatic coffee.


Chau Veggie Express
Photo by: Flickr / Chau Veggie Express


A delightful nook for those who appreciate plant-based delicacies. Their tofu and vegan bowls are flavorful, fresh, and beautifully presented.


Longliner Seafoods
Photo by: Flickr / Natulive Canada


If you’re on the hunt for the freshest catch, this is the place. From salmon to scallops, they offer a broad spectrum of seafood, promising freshness and quality.

Fujiya Corner


Photo by: Fuji Corner (Granville Island)


This Japanese-focused stall is a testament to the rich tapestry of flavors at the market. They offer an array of Japanese delicacies, from sushi rolls bursting with the freshest ingredients to onigiri, those delectable rice balls wrapped in seaweed.


La Tortilleria


Photo by: La Tortilleria


As the tantalizing aroma hits you, it’s evident that La Tortilleria is where authentic Mexican tortillas come to life. Freshly pressed and grilled, these tortillas are perfect carriers for flavorful fillings. They also stock a range of salsas and dips, perfect accompaniments for a Mexican feast.


Muffin Granny
Photo by: Flickr / Alicia


The name might evoke nostalgia, and rightly so. Muffin Granny brings to life the age-old joy of biting into a freshly baked muffin. Blueberry, chocolate chip, bran – you name it, and they’ve perfected it. Their pastries are equally enticing, making this stall a sweet lover’s dream.


Sen Pad Thai


Photo by Sen Pad Thai


A new stall in Granville Island Public Market, Sen Pad Thai is a culinary expedition straight to the streets of Bangkok. Spearheaded by the renowned Chef Angus An, Sen Pad Thai specializes in stir-fried noodle dishes, bringing forth the authenticity and zest of Thai street food to all Thai cuisine lovers.

Our tip: Don’t miss out on the market directory to navigate through the myriad of stalls.


Dining & Cuisine


When it comes to food, Granville Island is the best in town. The Granville Island restaurants offer a wide variety of culinary choices. From the freshest seafood to authentic ethnic cuisines, there’s a dish for everyone to try and explore. Below is a list of the island’s gastronomic choices that you can try.


Edible Canada
Photo by: Flickr / Natulive Canada


This isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience. Their menu is a culinary journey through Canada. Every dish narrates a story, be it from the Atlantic coast, the Prairies, or right there in BC.


Tap & Barrell Bridges
Photo by: Flickr / Jules

Upon entering Bridges, you’re greeted with a double spectacle. Floor-to-ceiling windows present a panoramic view of the city’s skyline, juxtaposed against the calm of False Creek. While the view alone is worth the visit, the culinary offerings, ranging from tender BC salmon to farm-fresh salads, ensure you’ll be planning a second trip soon.


Sandbar Seafood Restaurant
Photo by: Flickr / ©hristie by the River 💖


The ambiance here is reminiscent of a luxurious seaside cottage. Multi-tiered seating ensures that every guest has an intimate experience. Seafood lovers can dive into a platter of oysters, clams, and more, all freshly sourced and masterfully presented.


Granville Island Brewing
Photo by: Flickr / Kurtis Lange


Beyond being a brewery, it’s a homage to Vancouver’s evolving beer culture. Tour the facility to witness beer-making in real-time, and then settle down in their taproom. Pair your chosen brew with a hearty meal; their menu boasts everything from classic burgers to vegan-friendly options.


Why We Care


As the sun sets over the shimmering waters, take a leisurely walk along the seawall, or simply sit by the docks and soak in the stunning views of Vancouver’s skyline.


Whether you’re here for the food, the art, or the serene surroundings, Granville Island in Vancouver, BC promises a day of delightful discoveries. So, to our guest, put on your explorer’s hat and set forth on an unforgettable journey!


Remember, Granville Island is just one of Vancouver’s treasures. There’s more to read in our Vancouver Attraction’s page. Safe travels!



Q: What to do at Granville Island Public Market?


A: Granville Island Public Market is a vibrant hub of activity and culture. Here are some must-dos:

  1. Food Tour: Dive into a gastronomic journey as you sample local produce, artisan cheeses, freshly baked bread, and gourmet chocolates.
  2. Crafts & Artisans: Discover handcrafted jewelry, unique art pieces, and local crafts that make perfect souvenirs.
  3. Live Music: Often, local musicians perform within the market, setting a lively ambiance. Take a moment to enjoy the melodies.
  4. Kids Area: The market also caters to the young ones with a designated area filled with toys and games.


Q: How to get to Granville Island?


A: Granville Island is easily accessible through various means:

  1. Bus: Several city buses service Granville Island. Check the local transit website for the best routes.
  2. Car: There’s ample parking available, but it can get busy during peak hours.
  3. Bike: With dedicated bike paths leading to the island, it’s a scenic ride!
  4. On Foot: A leisurely walk from nearby neighborhoods is pleasant, especially during good weather.
  5. Mini Ferry: For a more scenic route, take one of the mini ferries from various points in Vancouver directly to the island.


Q: What to do in Granville Island?


A: Beyond the Public Market, Granville Island offers:

  1. Arts & Culture: Explore numerous art galleries, studios, and theaters showcasing local talent.
  2. Kid’s Market: A paradise for kids, filled with toy stores, games, and interactive activities.
  3. Seawall Walk: Enjoy a peaceful stroll along the seawall, offering panoramic views of the city skyline and marina.
  4. Kayaking & Boat Rentals: Get adventurous and paddle around the island or rent a boat for a unique perspective.


Q: How to get to Granville Island from downtown?

A: Granville Island is conveniently located close to downtown Vancouver:

  1. Walking: It’s about a 20 to 30-minute walk from downtown, primarily along the scenic seawall.
  2. Public Transit: Buses from downtown frequently service Granville Island. Check the transit website for specific routes and timings.
  3. Mini Ferry: Several mini ferry services run from downtown (like near Yaletown) directly to Granville Island, offering a picturesque route across the water.
  4. Drive: It’s a short drive from downtown, but remember parking can be busy, especially on weekends.


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