Escape the Holiday Frenzy

Unforgettable Tips and Ideas for Christmas Holiday Breaks for Singles

The Christmas season, often associated with family gatherings and festive celebrations, can be just as a yes and no for most people. 


Why no? Christmas often comes with holiday chaos and stress that often comes with family gatherings from people that you don’t like. 


Why yes? Embracing the freedom and unique opportunities of being alone during Christmas time presents a better opportunity for singles to explore or try new things. Often times, it’s a lot more fun.


Here are the tips and ideas how you can enjoy being single during the holidays:


Solo Travel Destinations for the Holidays

Travel while you are single! It’s a time to explore new destinations like going to the Northern part of B.C to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).


Travelling solo offers unique experience such as exploring attractions, a serene yoga holiday in Bali or a lively Christmas weekend break by skiing in British Columbia’s best skiing resorts.


It’s a time for self-indulgence, spontaneity, and freedom. You don’t need to experience the holiday chaos, whether from a bragging wife or a hated in-law. A peaceful retreat is what you deserve, and this period is a great opportunity for self-discovery.


Festive Activities for Singles During Christmas

The holiday season is brimming with activities singles can enjoy like christmas markets and holiday festivals


Exploring these festive activities can be incredibly fulfilling. Simply enjoying the festivals, learning ice skating, and eating at a local favorite restaurant might be a better escape from your nagging mother-in-law or hated grand parents. 


Feeling in love? Try Dating!

Being single can be lonely sometimes, that is why dating apps are there to allow to stay connected and find a new match. Embracing online dating is a fun way to meet new people especially in this era, so we have to adapt.


Remember, Christmas is also a time to connect with oneself through self-care and reflection and the other option is joining group tours.


Making the Most of Solo Christmas Dinners

Solo Christmas dinners can be a delightful experience. Experiment with new recipes to share in Youtube and host a virtual dinner with friends.

It’s a time to indulge in your favorite foods and create new traditions.


Embracing Self-Reflection and Personal Growth During Christmas

The holiday season is an ideal time for self-reflection and setting new goals for the new year. Practice mindfulness, embrace gratitude, and reflect on the past year. 


This period can be transformative in terms of personal growth and setting intentions for the new year.


Planning Solo Escapes from the Chaotic Holiday Frenzies

Planning your escape from nagging relatives is the most rewarding thing that you will do especially if you’re single. This can be less stressful too since you want to avoid your in-laws and nieces questioning you why you are still single? 


Consider booking a budget-friendly apartment or hotel a month before the arrival of your guest. Start creating a bucket list for your next holiday adventure.


Pro Tip: Book a pod in our hotel to avoid these distractions.


Final Thoughts

Solo travel and escapes while your single during Christmas season is an opportunity to find peace and create unique experience for yourself.


It’s a perfect time to reflect, find peace, and embrace the freedom from the holiday frenzies. That is why being single during the holiday season is more fun, so what are you waiting for? Make the most of every moment.

  • November 30, 2023
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