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Vancouver Aquarium Guide: Top 5 Must-See Exhibits

To our dear guest, are you planning a trip to Vancouver to see wildlife in the sea? Or maybe you’re a local looking for a fun day out after a rainy day? Either way, we’ve got something that will make a splash in your things to do —the Vancouver Aquarium. 


And guess what? If you’re staying at Panda Pod Hotel, you’re in luck! We’re a train away from this aquatic wonderland. So grab your curious glasses; we’re diving into the top 5 must-see exhibits at the Vancouver Aquarium.


Getting There from Panda Pod


First things first, we’ll show you how to get there. If you’re staying with us at Panda Pod, getting to the Vancouver Aquarium is as easy as saying “Nemo!” 🐟



By Car: It’s a straightforward 20-minute drive from Panda Pod to the aquarium by driving onto Highway 99.

Public Transport: Prefer to go green? Take the Canada Line SkyTrain to Waterfront Station, then hop on bus #19. You’ll be at the aquarium in about 45 minutes.


Exhibit 1: The Tropics – Journey to the South

Welcome to the jungle! 🌴 The Tropics exhibit takes you on a journey to mangrove forests, coral reefs, rivers and lakes. Here, you’ll find exotic fishes like the Pink fish, blue fish, and yellow fish – Nemo is also in this exhibit.



This exhibit also showcase a swarm of tropical jellyfishes that illuminate the tank— biodiversity it’s a feast for the eyes!


Exhibit 2: Pacific Canada Pavilion – The Local Heroes

Next up is the Pacific Canada Pavilion, a tribute to our very own Pacific waters. It features marine animals such as the sturgeon, crabs and rockfishes — this exhibit is a love letter to British Columbia’s marine life.



The touch pool is a hit among kids and adults alike. Feel the texture of a sea anemone or the smooth surface of a sea star.


Exhibit 3: The Wild Coast – Outdoor Adventure

Ready for some fresh air? Step outside to The Wild Coast exhibit. Here, you’ll meet the aquariums most playful residents of the aquarium—sea otters! Watch them frolic, swim, and even use tools to break open shellfish.



The sea otter feeding sessions are adorable and educational. Check the schedule and make sure you’re there to see them in action.


Exhibit 4: Graham Amazon Gallery – A Tropical Escapade

From the chilly Pacific waters, we’re teleporting you to the Amazon’s amazing biodiversity. What you will see in this exhibit are the animals in one of the biggest ecosystems in the world – scarlet ibises, well-camouflaged sloths, and more.



There are Piranhas that would make for excellent photography. Just be cautious; you might be there snack!


Exhibit 5: Canada’s Arctic Exhibit – The Chill Zone

Last but not least, brace yourselves for a chilly encounter. The Canada’s Arctic Exhibit is home to creatures that thrive in the coldest corners of our planet. This attraction engages visitors with stories of the melting Artic and its impact to its wildlife.



The underwater viewing area is a must-see. It’s like watching a live documentary, minus the narration by David Attenborough.


Bonus: 4D Experience

Before you leave, don’t forget to catch a 4D movie. Yes, you read that right— 4D Experience! Feel the wind, smell the ocean, and get a splash of water as you dive into an immersive cinematic experience.

The seat system is carefully choreographed to the film on the screen. Now showing in the Aquarium is Shallow Seas™ 4-D Experience.



The 4D Experience is included in the general admission ticket, so make sure to schedule it into your visit.


Dining and Souvenirs

The aquarium offers a range of dining options that cater to various dietary needs. And don’t leave without grabbing a souvenir. From cuddly sea otter plushies to eco-friendly water bottles, there’s something for everyone.


Make a Splash with Panda Pod!

So there you have it, folks—the top 5 must-see exhibits at the Vancouver Aquarium, brought to you by Panda Pod Hotel. Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend adventure or a visitor exploring Vancouver, the aquarium offers a deep dive into the biodiversity of marine life.


And remember, if you’re staying at Panda Pod, you’re just a short journey away from this attraction. So why wait? Book your stay with us and make your Vancouver trip unforgettable.

References: All the photos from this article are from the Vancouver Aquarium.

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