What It’s Like To Stay At A Canadian Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotels in Canada are a unique lodging experience, offering individual pods that serve as mini-hotel rooms. Each pod comes with a bed, lighting, and sometimes even a TV. They’re a fascinating blend of modern efficiency and cozy comfort.


In Canada, we only have two main players in the game, PangeaPod and our very own Panda Pod hotel. PangeaPod, located in Whistler, BC, offers a chic, upscale experience tailored for adventure-seekers who want to hit the slopes by day and enjoy a cozy pod by night.


On the other hand, Panda Pod Hotel in Richmond, BC, focuses on delivering comfort and efficient stay, perfect for solo travelers flying in and out of nearby Vancouver International Airport. Both offer individual pods that serve as mini-hotel rooms, complete with a bed, lighting, and sometimes even a TV.


Whether you’re in the mood for a mountain getaway or a convenient stay near the city, these capsule hotels provide a fascinating blend of modern efficiency and cozy comfort.


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The Capsule Experience

Imagine a hotel room stripped down to its essentials, then miniaturized and placed in a large room with multiple other capsules.


Each pod is about the size of a single bed and offers just enough space for one person. If you’re claustrophobic, this might not be the experience for you. Inside, you’ll typically find shelves, side table, electrical outlets, sometimes a fan and small locker for your valuables.


The bathrooms are shared, much like a hostel. Compared to various 3-star hotels across Canada, we can attest that the cleanliness is top-notch.


Canadian Capsule hotels offer co-ed rooms, while others separate guests by gender, either by room or floor – this feature can be optional.


Ideal for Solo and Essential Travelers


Capsule hotels are particularly well-suited for solo travelers who crave a blend of privacy and affordability. The individualized nature of each capsule offers a sanctuary for those who wish to unwind in solitude after a day of exploration.



Moreover, for individuals traveling out of necessity—be it for work, family, or other obligations—capsule hotels provide a no-fuss, economical option that doesn’t skimp on comfort or cleanliness. It’s a practical choice that meets the basic needs of lodging while staying affordable.


Pros and Cons


The biggest advantage of a capsule hotel is affordability. For around $80 – 95 CAD, you get a bed for the night and a clean shower with amenities. However, socializing can be a bit challenging due to the individualized nature of the pods.


The downsides are minor but worth mentioning. There’s less privacy compared to a traditional hotel, and the capsules can get a bit stuffy. Noise can also be an issue, especially in hotels where the capsules are made of materials that amplify sound.


And that’s why Canadian Capsule hotels provide noise cancelling headphones to guests to solve this issue.





Capsule hotels offer a unique and affordable lodging option, particularly appealing to solo travelers and those looking to save on accommodation.


While they may lack some of the amenities of a traditional hotel, the experience is one-of-a-kind and offers a glimpse into the future of travel lodging. It’s hard to beat the value you get for the price.

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