Exploring the Best of Asian Restaurants in Vancouver and Richmond

Looking for Asian food? Vancouver and Richmond are gastronomic paradises for Asian food lovers. With Panda Pod Hotel’s strategic location, guests can conveniently look for a restaurant nearby or in the city.


Richmond, its neighboring city, has carved out its own niche, offering a tantalizing array of authentic Asian dishes for locals craving for something different and unique like hotpot, BBQ and Malaysian delicacies.


In this blog, and let’s explore some of the top Asian restaurants that have become local favorites and are great for our guest who are looking for Asian food to be delivered inside the Panda Pod.


Asian Restaurants in Vancouver

Tom Sushi


A popular restaurant in the city, Tom Sushi offers a delightful selection of fresh sushi and sashimi. The ambiance is sleek and modern, making it a great spot for both casual lunches and intimate dinners.

Their attention to detail is evident in every dish, and customers often commend the generous portions and creative dish presentations.

Read Trisha T.‘s review of Tom Sushi on Yelp


Overlooking Vancouver’s picturesque waterfront, Miku is renowned for its Aburi-style sushi and innovative Japanese cuisine. The restaurant boasts a sophisticated ambiance, blending traditional and contemporary elements.

Diners can expect an unforgettable dining experience with dishes that are both visually stunning and delectably flavorful and fresh.

Read Hana T.‘s review of Miku on Yelp

Fat Mao Noodles

Always in the top ten of Yelp’s recommended list, Fat Mao Noodles offers a range of Asian-inspired noodle dishes in a cozy setting that is perfect for fall and winter.

The restaurant prides itself on using fresh ingredients that are both hearty and satisfying. It’s a must-visit for those seeking authentic flavors and comforting noodle broths.

Read Rachel E.‘s review of Fat Mao Noodles on Yelp

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen

Kishimoto is a favorite among locals for its exquisite Japanese dishes and impeccable service. The restaurant’s wood-centric decor provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that attracts most city-goers.

Renowned for its beautifully plated sushi and sashimi, Kishimoto promises an authentic Japanese dining experience like it will be your first time.

Read Michael A.‘s review of Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen on Yelp


Step into Kingyo and be transported to a local Izakaya restaurant in Tokyo. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of Japanese dishes and lively atmosphere. It also offers a range of delicious small plates, perfect for sharing – from sizzling grills to fresh sashimi, and of course sushi for everyone.

Read Marilyn V.‘s review of Kingyo on Yelp


Saku stands out for its mouthwatering tonkatsu (breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet). Set in a minimalist yet cozy space, the restaurant emphasizes quality ingredients and expert preparation. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, their tonkatsu is a testament to Japanese culinary excellence.

Read Josh L.‘s review of Saku on Yelp

Seaport City Seafood Restaurant

A destination for seafood lovers, Seaport City offers a plethora of fresh seafood dishes with a twist of Asian flavours.

The restaurant showcases spacious interiors and elegant decor set the stage for a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re craving lobster, crab, or fish, Seaport City promises freshness in every bite.

Read Sara A.‘s review of Seaport City Seafood Restaurant on Yelp

Hello Nori

Dedicated in mastering the art of handroll sushi, Hello Nori is a trendy spot and of Vancouver’s popular dining places.

The restaurant’s open kitchen allows guest to watch chefs craft each roll with precision – no pressure there! With fresh ingredients and innovative combinations, Hello Nori redefines the Japanese handroll experience.

Read Jennifer K.‘s review of Hello Nori on Yelp

Happy Noodle House

For a heartwarming bowl of noodles that’s perfect for Fall and Winter, look no further than Happy Noodle House.

This establishment offers a variety of noodle dishes, each bursting with flavor and cooked to perfection. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff makes it more inviting and something to look forward to.

Read Jess S.‘s review of Happy Noodle House on Yelp

Dinesty Dumpling House

Craving for Xiao Long Bao? Then check out Dinesty Dumpling House, a cornerstone of Vancouver’s culinary scene, it boasts an exquisite selection of hand-crafted dumplings and traditional Chinese dishes.

From their signature Xiao Long Bao to their delectable Shao Mai, each item on the menu promises authenticity and a symphony of flavors. It’s a must-visit for those seeking a genuine taste of Chinese cuisine in the heart of the city.

Read Erick T.‘s review of Dinesty Dumpling House on Yelp

Asian Restaurants in Richmond, BC

Hei Hei Rice Roll

Dive into the delightful world of rice rolls at Hei Hei. This restaurant specializes in crafting scrumptious rice rolls filled with a variety of ingredients. It’s a great spot for a quick bite, offering both traditional and modern takes on this beloved dish.

Read Ivy W.‘s review of Hei Hei Rice Roll on Yelp

Uno Beef Noodle

Uno Beef Noodle promises a soul-satisfying bowl of beef noodles. With its rich broth and tender beef slices, it’s no wonder the restaurant has garnered a loyal following. The ambiance is casual, making it a perfect place for comfort food. We’ve also reviewed this restaurant in our Taiwanese restaurant guide.

Read Terisa D.‘s review of Uno Beef Noodle on Yelp

Kirin Seafood Restaurant

Elegance meets culinary excellence at Kirin Seafood Restaurant. This upscale establishment is known for its vast selection of seafood dishes, prepared with finesse. The restaurant’s lavish interiors and attentive service ensure a dining experience like no other.

Read Gloria T.‘s review of Kirin Seafood Restaurant on Yelp

Rice Holic

For rice enthusiasts, Rice Holic offers an array of rice-based dishes that are both flavorful and filling. Set in a cozy space, the restaurant focuses on delivering quality and taste in every dish. Whether it’s a curry or a stir-fry, Rice Holic promises satisfaction..

Read Krysten I.‘s review of Rice Holic on Yelp

HK B.B.Q. Master

Venture beneath the supermarket and discover HK B.B.Q. Master, a haven for barbecue lovers. This no-frills eatery is renowned for its succulent roasted meats, especially its crispy pork and duck. It’s a must-visit for those seeking authentic Cantonese barbecue.

Read Yu L.‘s review of HK B.B.Q. Master on Yelp

The Fish Man

As the name suggests, The Fish Man specializes in fresh seafood. From fish and chips to seafood platters, the restaurant offers a range of dishes that celebrate the ocean’s bounty. It’s a great spot for casual dining, with friendly staff and a laid-back vibe.

Read Gary K.‘s review of The Fish Man on Yelp

Shanghai River

Experience the flavors of Shanghai at this esteemed restaurant. Shanghai River is celebrated for its traditional dishes like xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and braised pork belly. The elegant decor and warm ambiance complement the exquisite culinary offerings.

Read Joe L.‘s review of Shanghai River on Yelp

Xiaolongkan Hotpot

Dive into a communal dining experience at Xiaolongkan Hotpot. With a range of broths and fresh ingredients, diners can customize their hotpot to their liking. The restaurant’s vibrant interiors and attentive service enhance the hotpot experience.

Read Dru C.‘s review of Xiaolongkan Hotpot on Yelp

Haidilao – Richmond

Haidilao is a global hotpot sensation, and its Richmond location is no exception. Known for its interactive dining experience, diners can enjoy a noodle dance performance while savoring their hotpot. With top-notch ingredients and exceptional service, Haidilao offers a hotpot experience like no other.

Read Elaine L.‘s review of Haidilao – Richmond on Yelp

John 3:16 Malaysian Delights

Searching for a Malaysian food nearby? John 3:16 Malaysian restaurant is the answer that you’re searching for.

The Malay restaurant offers a tapestry of flavors, from spicy curries to fragrant rice dishes. The cozy interiors and authentic dishes make it a beloved spot for those craving Malaysian cuisine.

Read Alicia C.‘s review of John 3:16 Malaysian Delights on Yelp

Conclusion – Why We Care

Vancouver and Richmond are more than just cities; they’re culinary canvases showcasing Asia’s diverse food cultures. From the spice-laden dishes of South Asia to the umami-rich offerings of East Asia, there’s a world of flavors waiting to be explored. And with Panda Pod Hotel as your starting point, your culinary adventures are bound to be unforgettable.

References: All the restaurants are recommended by Yelp based in reviews and top-rated. Photos are also from Yelp as well.


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