How much does a Capsule Hotel Cost? Ultimate Guide

Imagine that you prepared for your connecting flight to Toronto from Vancouver. Unfortunately, your airline Air Canada has announced that they will cancel your flight, and it’s past midnight? You need a place to stay from these frustrating moment.


A hotel is out of the question — it’s too pricey, especially in Vancouver —but you definitely want more privacy but less expensive. You want to find an area in the airport that you can sleep, but you have needs and your only option is the super expensive Fairmont Vancouver Airport.


What to do in this situation? That’s where our capsule hotel comes in to play to help you rest in an affordable costs. For many travelers, staying in a capsule hotel is a great option since it offers privacy with a combination of affordability and convenience. We can’t honestly say that it provides 5-star service such as breakfast buffet or spa and wellness, but capsule hotels have the advantage of being affordable and well-equipped for a traveler who only wants to sleep.


Note before reading: The rates listed here are intended as rough estimates or ranges only, and may vary significantly. Promos and seasonal discounts can be seasonal, you can check our offers in the homepage.


Why Capsule Hotels are Cost-Effective?


Ever since Pod hotels gained global popularity in Japan, affordability is always and will ever be it’s best asset. It offers a unique experience that combines affordability and efficiency for that targets budget travelers.


Unlike traditional 5-star and 3-star hotels, offering large rooms with a plethora of amenities might be the best experience you will ever get, but you go out the rest of the day to explore. Capsule hotels provide just the essentials in a compact space, minimalist features that are attractive for frugal travelers.


Are Capsule Hotels Cheaper Than Hotels or Hostels?


The big question, is it cheaper than hostels and hostels? The average cost per night at a capsule hotel can be as low as $60-$120 CAD, depending on the location and amenities offered. In contrast, even budget hotels can charge higher up to $250 per night.


Hostels, while cheaper than traditional hotels, often lack the privacy and amenities since you are sharing it with roommates. So, if you’re looking for a blend of affordability and privacy, capsule hotels are usually the cheapest option between the two.


How Many Capsule Hotels are in Canada?


As of January 2022, capsule hotels are still a relatively new concept in Canada, but they have been gaining traction, especially here in Vancouver, we have our very own Panda Pod and Pangea Pod in Whistler.


Some parts of Canada have also seen interest in the capsule hotel concept, but needs to be tested in order to make sure that it fits the culture.


As the concept, becomes more mainstream and the benefits more widely recognized, we can expect to see more capsule hotels popping up across the country.


What Amenities Do Capsule Hotels Have?


Capsule hotels may not offer a wide range of amenities, but it provides the essentials. Let’s compare our amenities that you can expect vs Pangea Pod, the other competitor that we have here in British Columbia:


Panda Pod

Pangea Pod

Locker Lock Box
Hair Driers Hair Driers
Coffee + Tea Restaurant (The Living Room)
Car Rentals Toy Box (Storage)
Showers Showers
Change / Bathrooms Change / Bathrooms
Hangers / Hooks Hangers / Hooks
Slippers N/A
Wifi Wifi
Towels Towels
Care Kits Care Kits
Complimentary Shampoo and Bodywash Complimentary Shampoo and Bodywash
Charging Ports Charging Ports
Fan Fan
Lighthing Lighthing
N/A Cable Tie


These amenities are carefully chosen to meet the basic needs of travelers, making your stay convenient without breaking the bank.


Are Capsule Hotels Only for Men?


The perception that capsule hotels are exclusively for men stems back in Japan where the first hotel was built in 1970s. They were primarily designed to cater to business men who missed the last train home and needed a cheap place to stay overnight, this is no longer the case in the 20th first century.


Modern capsule hotels are inclusive and diverse offering separate areas for men and women. Some even offer a two-bedroom pod for couples. So the answer for this question is no, capsule hotels are not just for men now but for everyone looking for affordable and convenient accommodation.


Is It Worth Staying in a Capsule Hotel?


Absolutely, it’s worth staying in a capsule hotel if you’re a solo traveler looking for a budget-friendly option. Capsule hotels offer the essentials without the frills of luxury, making them a great choice for short-term stays which are now controversial thanks BC’s mulling provincial regulations.


They are particularly useful if you have a cancelled flight or a long layover, stroll in a city for just a few days and don’t require the full suite of amenities that traditional hotels offer.


Can You Stay in a Capsule Hotel for a Week?


Yes, you can stay and sometimes even longer. Here in Panda Pod, some of our guest prefer to stay longer since it’s cheaper to stay in the hotel than staying in Airbnb or Hostel.


Many modern capsule hotels offer continuous stays without the need for daily check-out. However, it’s essential to consider that the pods are designed for short-term, convenient stays and not for a year.


While they offer essential amenities, they may lack the comfort and space that one might desire for an extended stay.




Capsule hotels offer a unique blend of affordability and convenience, making this new concept a cost-effective choice for travelers. Their efficient use of space, carefully chosen amenities, and lower operational costs contribute to their affordability.


As the travel landscape continues to evolve and mostly everyone are looking something affordable, capsule hotels are set to play an increasingly significant role in offering budget-friendly accommodation options.

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