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Top Restaurants and Takeaways in Granville Island

Granville Island, a gem in Vancouver’s culinary crown, offers an eclectic mix of dining experiences that cater to every taste bud. From the freshest seafood to the most authentic cuisine – this island is Vancouver’s foodie paradise. 



Join us as we explore the top 5 restaurants in seafood, Mexican, Greek, and Asian cuisines.


Top Seafood Restaurants

The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

Photo by The Sandbar (via Yelp)

Location: 1535 Johnston St. Creekhouse #102, Granville Island


With breathtaking views of False creek and a menu filled with fresh seafood, The Sandbar is a must-visit for pescatarians and seafood enthusiasts.


Go Fish Ocean Emporium

Photo by Go Fish Ocean Emporium (via Yelp)

Location: 1505 W 1st Ave, Vancouver


A local favorite, Go Fish offers fish and chips that are a cut above the rest, all in a relaxed outdoor setting.


Dockside Restaurant

Photo by Dockside Vancouver

Location: 1253 Johnston St, Vancouver


Elegant dining meets fresh seafood at Dockside, where you can enjoy everything from lobster to locally-sourced fish.


Bridges Restaurant

Photo by Tap & Barrel (Bridges)

Location: 1696 Duranleau St, Vancouver


Known for its iconic yellow building, Bridges serves up seafood dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.


Tony’s Fish & Oyster Café

Photo by Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe

Location: 1511 Anderson St, Vancouver


A cozy spot for seafood lovers, Tony’s offers a wide variety of dishes that celebrate the flavors of the sea.



Top Mexican Restaurants


The Mexican Antojitos y Cantina

Photo by The Mexican

Location: 1049 Granville St. Vancouver BC


Authenticity shines at this Mexican restuarant, where traditional dishes comes with Mexican flair.


La Tortilleria

Photo by La Tortilleria

Location: 1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC


La Tortilleria offers freshly made tortillas that are the perfect base for any Mexican dish. Their commitment to authentic, high-quality ingredients has made them a staple in the Granville Island Public Market (here’s the article on why it’s a staple).


Alimentaria Mexicana

Photo by Alimentaria Mexicana (via Yelp)

Location: 1596 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC


Alimentaria Mexicana offers a variety of traditional dishes, from tamales to enchiladas, all made with love and expertise. The vibrant colors and rich flavors of their food make it a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience the true essence of Mexican cuisine.



Top Greek Restaurants

Sprig Contemporary Greek Kitchen

Photo by Alimentaria Mexicana (via Yelp)

Location: 1596 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC


Sprig offers a modern twist to traditional recipes. With a focus on locally-sourced ingredients and a menu that’s both innovative and authentically Greek, Sprig provides a unique dining experience that’s perfect for foodies looking for something a bit different.


Apollonia Greek Restaurant

Photo by Apollonio

Location: 1596 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC


For those looking for a more upscale dining experience, Apollonia Greek Restaurant offers a modern take on traditional Greek dishes. It may be a minute drive from the island, but it the restaurant provides a dining experience that is authentically Greek.



Top Asian Restaurants

Chang ‘An

Photo by Apollonio

Location: 1596 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC


For those interested in exploring the rich culinary traditions of Northern China, Chang ‘An offers a menu filled with intricate flavors and exquisite presentation. From their signature Peking duck to a variety of dim sum options, Chang ‘An provides a dining experience that’s both authentic and luxurious.


Sen Pad Thai

Photo by Apollonio

Location: 1596 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC


Specializing in Thailand’s most famous noodle dish, Sen Pad Thai offers a variety of Pad Thai options that are both authentic and delicious. With fresh ingredients and a commitment to traditional Thai flavors, this spot is a must-visit for noodle enthusiasts.


Chau Veggie Express

Photo by Chau Veggie Express

Location: 1689 Johnston Street Vancouver


This restaurant continues to stand out for its innovative approach to Asian vegetarian cuisine. With a menu that ranges from nourishing noodle bowls to flavorful tofu dishes, Chau Veggie Express proves that plant-based eating can be both satisfying and delicious.



Conclusion: A Culinary Journey Through Granville Island

Granville Island’s diverse culinary landscape is a reflection of the multicultural fabric of Vancouver. 

Whether you’re in the mood for the freshest catch from the ocean, the zest of Mexican street food, the comforting embrace of Greek hospitality, or the intricate flavors of Asian cuisine, Granville Island has something to offer. 

I hope this expanded guide will help you navigate the rich culinary scene of Granville Island. If you want to know more about Granville Island – feel free to click this link.

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