Sleeping in Vancouver Airport: A Traveler’s Hack for Sleeping & Napping

Whether facing a long layover, unexpected flight cancellations, and unforeseen issues, sleeping in Vancouver Airport will be the most uncomfortable experience every traveler will experience.


As a leading capsule hotel brand in Canada, we have passengers who have experience the same issue – especially during fall and winter.


But there are hacks on how to make your stay at YVR surprisingly comfortable and cozy as possible. Here are the essential sleeping hacks in YVR airport.


Understanding YVR’s Sleeping Zones and Lounge Areas

Why It Matters? Knowing where you can and cannot sleep in YVR can make your layover a bit more comfortable and less stressful.


Quiet Area

YVR has designated quiet area perfect for a quick nap and relexation. It provides a comfortable seating, speakers and more. The quite zone is located in International Terminal, after security at Gate D67 – find out more in the main YVR website.   


Lounge Areas

Vancouver airport also has premium lounge areas that offer comfortable sleeping options, nap rooms, and showers but comes with a price – you will need to purchase a day pass or pay at the door to access the lounges. 




Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge (3 Locations) Domestic Departures, near Gate C29, International Departures, near Gate C52, USA Transborder Departures, near Gate E85 – All After Security.  
Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic, Gate B17) Domestic Departures, near Gate B17 – After Security.
Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic, Gate C29) Domestic Departures, near Gate C29 – After Security
Plaza Premium Lounge (International) International Departures, near Gate D67 – After Security.
Plaza Premium Lounge (US Departures) US Transborder Departures, near Gate E88 – After Security


Pro Tip: The International Terminal has more secluded spots than the Domestic Terminal. The terminal also quiet at night – giving you a bit of a VIP treatment. To find out more, feel free to visit Plaza premium and YVR Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge page.


Best Spots for a Quick Nap


Why It Matters? Not all sleeping spots are created equal. Some gates and napping areas are busy and full of activity. Consider napping on these spots below.  


Gate D53

It is known for most travelers as the quietiest gate in the airport because this gate only caters international flights. Napping in this area gives you zen when waiting for your flight. 


Public Observation Area

The observation area is open not only for travelers, but also the public. It offers panoramic views and is generally less crowded. Great for napping and meeting family and friends, even in a shortwhile. 

Pro Tip: Bring an eye mask and earplugs for an uninterrupted sleep. Trust us, it’s a game-changer.


Amenities If you don’t want to take a Nap


Why It Matters? YVR offers a range of amenities to make your stay more comfortable. It’s like the airport is your personal concierge, offering little luxuries to make your stay enjoyable.


Free Wi-Fi

Every international airport in the world will always have Free Wi-Fi to stay connected. The whole YVR provides free internet, but the best hotspots are the ones near a duty free shop. 


Charging Stations

Keeping your devices charged – there are mobile charging stations in both International and Domestic gates . 


Pro Tip: There are cafes and restaurants in the airport offer free water refills. Stay hydrated while enjoying the free Wi-Fi.


Alternative Sleeping Options Outside YVR


Why It Matters? YVR may offer areas and lounges for a nap, but what about a full 8-hour sleep? Sometimes a proper place to sleep is what you need to recharge for your next flight. 

If sleeping in the airport isn’t your cup of tea, there are hotels nearby, including Panda Pod, to help you get that full 8-hour sleep. 


Fairmont Vancouver Airport

For a more luxurious experience, this hotel is located within the YVR. It’s the Rolls Royce of layover sleeping that comes with soundproof rooms and a spa. 


Panda Pod Hotel

The most affordable hotel in Richmond; it offers a unique capsule sleeping experience in a Pod. The hotel is 9 minute walk from Richmond-Brighouse station, and you can also take buses 402, 406, and 414 at the Station Bay terminal to take you the capsule hotel.


Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel

Located about 3 km from the airport, Coast Vancouver is a budget-friendly three-star hotel offering bigger rooms and basic amenities like free Wi-Fi and a fitness center for travellers. They also have a free airport shuttle service.   


Accent Inns Vancouver Airport

Also in Richmond, the Accents Inns Vancouver. The hotel provides spacious rooms and bike rentals if you want to bike around Richmond. The hotel is budget-friendly, quirky, comfortable and offers a free 24-hour shuttle to YVR. 


Sandman Signature Vancouver Airport Hotel & Resort

This hotel offers both convenience and luxury (4 km from YVR). It features indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness center, and multiple dining options. The Sandman Signature is great option for bigger groups like families and sports teams.


Pro Tip: Book directly to the hotel websites to save money and secure your spot, especially during peak travel seasons. Hotels offer the best premiums compared to OTAs. 


Why We Care?


Sleeping in Vancouver Airport doesn’t have to be a last resort; it can be manageable and less stressful. Unfortunately, it comes with a price, especially if you decide to rest in premium lounges.  

Hotels outside YVR and our very own Panda Pod Hotel, are always prepared to help you rest from your long layover or even flight cancellations (we have an article to help you with flight cancellations). 

Whether choosing to sleep in YVR or opt for alternative accommodations like – it’s great to know the best ways to get sleep in YVR, especially if your are stuck in the airport overnight or the whole day.

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