Top Must-Try Brown Sugar Milk Tea Shops in Vancouver

Are you craving for some brown sugar milk tea in Vancouver? Or you want to look for the nearest milk tea shops? Don’t worry, as your local tour guide, Panda Pod got you covered!


This delightful beverage from Taiwan has found passionate followers here in Vancouver. In this article, we highlight some of the recommended shops that we gathered from Yelp and we want to feature more of them here in this blog.


Xing Fu Tang



Xing Fu Tang stands out as a top result in Yelp thanks to its signature brown sugar pearl milk tea. The pearls are caramelized in brown sugar done inside the shop, giving it a rich permeating texture that complements with the whole milk and soy.

Their open kitchen allows you to witness the art of pearl cooking, adding an experiential element to your visit.


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Baroness Canada




When you are near UBC, Baroness should be on every list. The shop offers a variety of flavors specializing in brown sugar recipes. Their signature Purple Yam with Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Milk Tea are the best sellers, it comes with a rich, and unique flavor that is not overly sweet. They also offer oat milk as an alternative if you don’t want whole milk.


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Jenjudan is famous for its signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk. The drink features a rich, smoky caramel flavor that is both indulgent and comforting. Their pearls are consistently soft and chewy, a perfect match for the creamy milk tea.


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Tiger Sugar



Tiger Sugar a local Taiwanese BBT chain invades Vancouver with their infamous Black Sugar Boba & Pearl Milk. The best-seller is their Brown Sugar Milk Tea with cream mousse that features a striking appearance thanks to its distinct layers of ingredients. The only downside – it’s too sweet if you don’t mix it well.  


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Boba Monster



The family-owned Boba Monster is known with their unique fresh Mango Bobas, but its Brown Sugar Boba is also one-of-a-kind. It’s probably the brown sugar milk tea with a lot of optional toppings to add including Mango.


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Why We Care


From our current list, we pick Xing Fu Tang and Tiger Sugar, both shops garnered 4-5 star Yelp reviews because of the quality of their Pearls; tasted very fresh, permeated, and blended well with milk and cream mousse.


Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to this delightful drink, our initial list of Brown Sugar Milk Tea Shops is sure to satisfy your cravings whenever you are here in Vancouver. When you’re ready to travel, Panda Pod Hotel awaits to welcome you just like the local charm that these tea shops embody.


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